Trackmaster - Your Android Racing Lap Timer

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Trackmaster is a powerful racing lap timer that runs on your Android phone. Record your speed and times, analyze and replay your data, share your data on Twitter and Facebook, and export to Google Earth or MSExcel - plus much more! Works great for autocross, hillclimbs, road rally, and track days!
Dynomaster - Your Android Performance Dyno

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Dynomaster is full-featured dyno and drag racing app that runs on your Android phone. It provides many functions including 1/4 mile times, power calculations, graphical analysis, G-meter, mapping, speech, import/export to Google Earth or MSExcel, sharing time slips on Twitter and Facebook - plus much more!
Measure your camber with your Android phone!

Calculate your weight distribution with your Android phone!

Add a higher rate, higher accuracy bluetooth GPS to Trackmaster and Dynomaster!